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Music documentary ‘To be Frank!’ follows the realities of what it takes to make it in the music business today, and the effect that being in such a cut-throat business can take on your mental health.


Frank Benbini (Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Radio Riddler, Uncle Frank) is a true musical artist from humble beginnings. From a young age, Frank dreamt of becoming a rockstar, and the film follows him from his childhood learning the drums to life now as a multi-instrumentalist, lead singer and entertainer. Being involved in music was always his dream, but the realities of coming from a broken home on a council estate in inner city Leicester and the early onset of mental health Issues, makes this a story and struggle many will relate to.

Frank strived for perfection, and with his mother cheering him on he longed to get out of where he started and make something of his talents. The story follows Frank from his early life and career joining the kings of cool, international rock band Fun Lovin’ Criminals. It also explores his other projects producing and performing with some of the greatest names in the business, performing in venues across the world through to life now as a respected BBC radio presenter.

The film’s incredible soundtrack showcases a huge body of work involving Frank which ties the story together and gives the film it’s heart. The film has been captured over several years by Franks film partner Steve Baker who is the fly on the wall showing just what it takes to keep going in a business that’s full of difficult deals and shady characters.

Frank is very candid and open about the mental health issues that come as a result of being in this industry, so you see and feel exactly what it really takes to make it in the music business, to keep making it, and what it means ‘To be Frank!’ 

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